About Dessert First Cafe

First you should know we are not a real cafe. Nope. Maybe one day but for now, we just cook small and think big. That’s us — K1 and K2.

We’re related. Aunt and niece. We’re both the second child of the family. Now, being the second child has tremendous advantages. For example, when the family is sitting around looking through the old photo albums, us Ks just sit back with our glasses of wine and smile. Why? Because there aren’t any early photos of us. Nada. No photos of messy faces, poopy butts or frizzy hair.

In fact, there’s no evidence of us at all until about the age 5 or 6. Perhaps we were adopted or just dropped in from another planet. These thoughts have certainly comforted us many times throughout the years as we’ve watched our elder sisters and parents do some odd things.

We were the first two members of The Second Child Club. Yes, it’s our club. We only had three members total. Our friend Marla joined the club soon after we started. We don’t do much. I don’t even think we got t-shirts but, it’s a privilege to be in this club of three.

K1 and her husband own a graphic design and marketing firm and have fun drawing all day. They live in the mountains of New Mexico and serve clients in Houston and all around the country. She is mom to Dax and Trebuchet (2 precious min-pins) and Pasquel (most entertaining cat ever…well, unless you are a mouse).

K2 travels the United States with her Coast Guard husband. K2 is the real chef. A degree and everything. She’s also a teacher and mom to Prudence, the rabbit.

We are aunt and great aunt to the most precious child ever, ever, ever — Claire Bear. We’re also sisters and daughters and wives and friends…..accountants, shoppers, customers, suppliers, mentors, men-tees, cleaners of homes and toilets, organizers of parties and trash detail.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for hanging out with us.
K1 & K2


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